Code Consulting for a Safer Tomorrow

Michael Doles, CBO, MCP

Building Code / ICC Master Code Professional

Former investigator with the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation and Building Official/Administrator for multiple jurisdictions in the State of South Carolina., Michael Doles is a building code professional with substantial code enforcement experience. ICC certifications (29) include the distinguished Master Code Professional.

Mr. Doles has 20 years of experience conducting code compliance plan review and inspections based upon the ICC Building Code Series .

Doles has also developed educational programs for building inspection departments and is approved to provide continuing education by the SC- Building Codes Council on Fire-stop, Ceiling Grid, Fire protection systems and a host of other subjects. 

Doles was recently appointed by the SC Secretary of Education to serve as the code official for the SC Office of School Facilities Planning and Construction Committee. Doles has served on various state and nation boards including the ICC Educational Exam Development Committee.


Building Codes Official / Building Code Inspector


Spartanburg, SC


South Carolina licensed Commercial Building Inspector since 1999


International Codes Council ( ICC) Certifications include:

■ Master Code Professional

■ Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner

■ Building Inspector

■ Building Plans Examiner

■ Certified Building Code Official

■ Certified Building Official

■ Certified Mechanical Code Official

■ Certified Plumbing Code Official

■ Commercial Combination Inspector

■ Commercial Electrical Inspector

■ Residential Combination Inspector

■ Electrical Plans Examiner

■ Fire Inspector I

■ Mechanical Inspector

■ Mechanical Plans Examiner

■ ICC Fire Alarm lnspector

■ ICC Fire Sprinkler lnspector